Housing Week 4 Jun 30-Jul 5

Faculty teaching this week includes: Hanif Abdurraqib, Mark Adams, Elissa Altman, Melissa Febos, Leigh Fondakowski, Tessa Fontaine, Paul Lisicky, Ander Monson, Susanna Sonnenberg, James Stanley.

Please use the comment box below to post a message and coordinate HOUSING SHARES with your fellow Summer Workshop students.

There are many options to consider when booking housing in Provincetown, including: inns, hotels, motels, hostels, camping, and private home rentals. Please visit the Housing page of our website for a detailed list of housing options, including a list of our housing partners and information about our private housing list.

Please note this is a community forum for housing sharing only.

If you have questions about our workshops or your workshop registration, please email workshops@fawc.org as the conversation thread posted on this page is not monitored by Summer Program staff.

14 thoughts on “Housing Week 4 Jun 30-Jul 5

  1. Hello, I am looking for an older female roommate for the 4th week of workshops July 1 through July 6 or 7. Are you that person? Please contact. Thank you.


    1. HI: I just registered for that week and am an older woman. Please let me know more details as to cost, type of accommodation – I’m on a tight budget so simple is fine.


      1. Hello, Melissa,

        I’ve made arrangements for that week. Thanks for your interest and best of luck
        finding a suitable arrangement. (I jumped on things early anxious to know I would
        have a place to hang my hat.)

        Deb Trowbridge


  2. I have taken an accommodation at Rose Acre for this time period, which is shareable: the “penthouse,” a 2-bedroom flat with shared kitchen, LR, and bath. It’s at 5 Center St, a few minutes from FAWC, and Carol, the landlady, seems to be very obliging. . You can check it out online. I am an older woman hoping for some quiet and focus during this week. If any woman looking for a share is interested, please get in touch.


  3. I have booked accommodation for June 29 – July 5 at Rose Acre, at 5 Center St., just a few minutes away from FAWC. The “penthouse” is at the top of the house, with 2 bedrooms, shared LR and bath. You can check it out online. I am an older woman looking for some quiet and focus during this week. Any other woman interested in sharing this space, please get in touch. I think the cost will be around $840 plus tax each.


    1. HI Gillian, I know I’m late to respond but I’m a woman looking for last minute housing during those dates. Are you still looking for someone to fill the other room? Hoping for some quiet focus as well. Thanks!


  4. Hello, I am an older, quiet, very respectful man looking to share a place, or to reserve a place on my own for the June 29 to July 5 week.


  5. Hello, this will be my first time attending FAWC. I am a middle-aged woman with a conservative budget, looking to share a place for the week of June 29 to July 5.


    1. Hello. I will definitely have a place for you for the 5th as I am leaving on the 5th. You are more than welcome to have that night. It is at the college.


      1. Hi Nathalee, I replied about a week ago, but.am not sure it showed up. Is your place still available for the evening of the 5th?

        On Thu, Jun 27, 2019, 9:24 AM Fine Arts Work Center Summer Program 2019 wrote:

        > Nathalie Dupreee commented: “Hello. I will definitely have a place for you > for the 5th as I am leaving on the 5th. You are more than welcome to have > that night. It is at the college.” >


  6. Hi, I was just taken off the waiting list and accepted into a workshop. But I am in desperate need of housing. Does anyone have an available room or sofa or would want to rent a place together? I’m happy to share costs (though trying to save some money..) I’m a 34 yr old woman, quiet and a non-smoker. Thanks!


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