Housing Week 4 Jul 1-6

Faculty teaching this week includes: Sophie Cabot Black, Patricia Spears Jones, Reif Larsen, James Lecesne, Ada Limon, Richard Baker, Linda Bond, and Joanne Dugan.

Please use the comment box below to post a message and coordinate HOUSING SHARES with your fellow Summer Workshop students.

There are many options to consider when booking housing in Provincetown, including: inns, hotels, motels, hostels, camping, and private home rentals. Please visit the Housing page of our website for a detailed list of housing options, including a list of our housing partners and information about our private housing list.

Please note this is a community forum for housing sharing only.

If you have questions about our workshops or your workshop registration, please email workshops@fawc.org as the conversation thread posted on this page is not monitored by Summer Program staff.

3 thoughts on “Housing Week 4 Jul 1-6

  1. Hi folks, my name is Wo Chan and I am a 26 year old poet, currently doing an MFA in poetry. I live in Brooklyn, NY and am looking for a rideshare and housing share for July 1-6 (which I know is fairly busy!), but hopefully we can work together to carve out something affordable… My budget for the week is ideally $700 and I would like to not go above $1000… I do not know how to drive and I am allergic to cats.

    This is my Facebook if you want a quick reference of who I am, what I look like, etc https://www.facebook.com/Woflake

    Let me know if you are in a similar boat or would like to share space with me. I am a pretty agreeable and extroverted person, but I to be quiet as well. Scorpio sun, Capricorn moon, ENFP.

    Wo Chan


    1. Hi Wo!

      I might have space to share housing with,you that week for the FAWC. I just posted to the site for travel and housing share.

      Do you know anyone that is attending that week? I’m in Ada Limon’s workshop how about you? I’m a Split this Rock fan and alum as a participant in the most basic sense.

      Let me know.

      PJ Robichaux

      Robichauxp (at) yahoo (dot) com


  2. FAWC Workshopers,

    I’m a 38 year old beginner poet I grew up as a Cajun in Louisiana and North Carolina. I lived in the Hudson Valley and NYC for four years each and in the past 10 years in Maryland and DC.

    I’m looking to share housing with one or two more people. I’ve found a place for me and pup that can accommodate others possibly. I’m a quiet person and will use the time to write and edit as much as my tiny brain will allow.

    The second and third person might share a room there might be an air mattress or sofa available in one room with a bed. I have a place in mind. I have some pics. Sharing with a couple or two friends might be ideal. Cost is below market and the stay is Saturday to Saturday too.

    You may contact me at
    robichauxp (at) yahoo (dot) com

    Thanks for reading my post.

    Kind regards,
    PJ Robichaux

    PS. Also traveling by car most likely from DC with my dog see my post in Travel Share section too.


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