Housing Week 1 Jun 9-14

Faculty teaching this week includes: Jo Hay, Joel Janowitz, Constantine Manos, Alexandria (Alex) Marzano-Lesnevitch, Michael Prodanou, Rowan Ricardo Phillips, Vicky Tomayko, Laura van den Berg, Paul Yoon.

Please use the comment box below to post a message and coordinate HOUSING SHARES with your fellow Summer Workshop students.

There are many options to consider when booking housing in Provincetown, including: inns, hotels, motels, hostels, camping, and private home rentals. Please visit the Housing page of our website for a detailed list of housing options, including a list of our housing partners and information about our private housing list.

Please note this is a community forum for housing sharing only.

If you have questions about our workshops or your workshop registration, please email workshops@fawc.org as the conversation thread posted on this page is not monitored by Summer Program staff.

2 thoughts on “Housing Week 1 Jun 9-14

  1. I will be staying in Provincetown from at least June 4th to July 26th (Week 1 through Week 7). If anyone has any long term housing situations, please let me know.


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